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Wedding Officiant In Las Vegas

A marriage officiant as a mobile notary? It may sound odd, but it is very common. In fact, it is especially common at Mobile Notary Las Vegas. Many agents are also qualified to be marriage officiants. So, not only can they perform your marriage, but they can also assist you in notarizing all your legal documents when it comes to be married.

Getting married comes with a lot of changes. Many include changing legal documents and making things under both individuals’ names that way they share everything. When documents become changed, there may be instances in which the document needs to be notarized.


    Nevada Marriage Officiant Public Notary

    In Nevada, notaries can officiate marriages as well. In other states, this may not be the case. Several states do not allow notaries to officiate marriages.

    It may not seem ideal at first to have a mobile notary officiate your wedding, but there a benefit to this. When it comes to getting married, the rule is to have at least one witness during the ceremony to practically authenticate the wedding and prove that the ceremony took place. That being said, when you have the wedding performed by a notary, the notary may take the place of the officiant and the witness.

    Which is convenient for a lot of people who may be eloping and cannot find someone willing to witness the wedding. It may also be convenient for individuals who do not want to use some random person to witness the wedding. Instead, they only need the notary who can take the place of both positions.

    Steps For A Notary To Become A Wedding Officiant

    As a wedding officiant and possibly as the marriage witness, the duties of the notary are to confirm the date and location of the ceremony, along with the names of the individuals who were involved in the ceremony.

    • The notary may only be a wedding officiant if they are in good standings with the state of Nevada.
    • The notary must also complete a certificate of Permission to Perform Marriages application.
    • The certificate will stay relevant until the notary’s commission expires. Once this happens, the certificate will then also expire.

    Although notaries will need to have all their documents and application notarized, they are not authorized to notarize the document themselves. Although, they would be allowed to notarize other applicant’s legal documents.


    Having A Notary Officiate Your Wedding

    Just like any other wedding, there are a few things you need to bring to the notary so they can properly proceed with the ceremony. These include:

    • Marriage license
    • Keepsake marriage certificate
    • State of Nevada Marriage certification

    Although your notary should be well qualified and knowledgeable on the steps they need to take. It is partially the couple’s responsibility to ensure that the documents are completed to their full extend. They also need to make sure there are no corrections that would cause the documents and marriage to be rejected.

    Looking into a notary performing your ceremony can be extremely beneficial as you can build a close relationship with them in the future and trust them with notarizing all of your legal documents.


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