The missions is simple....

Since we moved to Vegas over 10 years ago, the mission has been simple… provide a service where no one can question the fact that you did it to the “best of your ability”, and that is exactly what has kept us at the top of our industry today.

Any notary can sign a document, but we have come to learn that what our clients have come to appreciate is the piece of mind that their document is going to be notarized without error and in a stress-less manor.  And the way we are able to make that happen for our clients is by our attention to detail (in both the document AND our clients).  We have been in the industry so long, there isn’t much we haven’t done before (and if there is, we know how to get the answers and keep our clients in the loop so that they know what to expect every step of the way).

Now, experience is nothing without staying ontop of the latest trends, laws, and changes to the industry, so that is exactly what we do.  By being a part of some of the nationally known notary associations, attending local conventions, and being a part of some of the largest notary groups (yep…it’s true…there are whole groups of notaries that get together and chat about signing documents….riveting… i know. 😉

During the years we have also come to find ways to make the notary experience as pleasant as possible for our clients and we hope to be given the chance to do the same for you.


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    “Can’t recommend them enough.  Was in the hospital when we needed to update our will & power of attorney, and they handled it all quickly and easily”

    – Andrea Robertson