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Apostille Service In Las Vegas

An Apostille is necessary when a document is to be used in a foreign country. An Apostille is used to authentic the origin of where the document is coming from, and our team of notary’s can help with this throughout the entire Las Vegas valley.Notarizing an Apostille document is typically the same as notarizing any other document. Although, in some circumstances, depending on the country the document will be used in, it may require a more extensive process with a few more steps.

When getting this type of document notarized it is important to understand the process and what steps to take here in Las Vegas.

  1. First, you will need to have the document properly notarized by a mobile notary.
  2. Then you will need to get that document authenticated which will then provide you with an Apostille.

Have a notarized document authenticated with an Apostille will allow the other country to see that the process has been completed and the document is authentic, along with the notary.

Apostille documents are automatically sent to the other country once the paper has been notarized, so after the individual notarizes the document, there is no more work on their end.


    Documents that need to be authenticated

    According to the government, there are a few documents that must be authenticated before reaching another country. These include:

    • Deeds of assignment
    • Diplomas
    • Powers of attorney
    • Affidavits
    • Warrants
    • Extraditions
    • Trademarks

    Along with several other documents, including general business documents. Business documents are very common examples of documents that often have to be authenticated because of international business deals including trademarks and other important documentation.

    A common example of a document requiring an Apostille is adoption papers. Many people choose to adopt children from outside of the country, the adoption dossiers must be authenticated before reaching the country that they are wishing to adopt from.

    Typically, the individual themselves does not request authentication, the other person in the other country usually writes to the Notary Commissioning authority and request that a specific document gets authenticated. The commission will then decide whether the document needs to be authenticated or not.

    What steps do you take to get an Apostille document?

    This is nothing to panic about, people something that many people fail to realize is that the only step they need to take is to get the paper notarized. Take the document to a mobile notary, such as Mobile Notary Las Vegas, and get the document signed. From there, it will go through the process of being authenticated if necessary and reaching the desired location in the other country.

    That being said, ensuring that your document is properly notarized is essential. For example, some judges may refuse to accept adoption documents if they are not properly notarized. This can greatly affect the adoption process and may even decrease the chances of getting to adopt.

    In some cases, mobile notary’s may offer Apostille services to make the process easier on the client. Regardless, it is important to notarize the document before attempting to have the document authenticated.

    The cost of Apostille services

    There is of course a fee when it comes to have a notarized document authenticated. This fee can vary by state and each state has their own rules. In Nevada, the fee is twenty dollars per Apostille along with other charges, depending on if you want the document to be expedited or not, and the fees the notary service will add for their efforts. loan signing in Vegas


    “Can’t recommend them enough.  Was in the hospital when we needed to update our will & power of attorney, and they handled it all quickly and easily”

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