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When it comes to notarizing a legal document, it is important to go to a public service, such as Mobile Notary Las Vegas, to make sure authenticate the identity of the individual signing the legal document, as well as a reliable person to witness the signing.



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Depending on the state, a Power of Attorney may or may not have to be notarized. Typically, in Nevada, a Power of Attorney does have to be notarized. Notarizing a Power of Attorney consist of two parties
  • The principal- the person signing the Power of Attorney
  • The agent- the person giving the power to the principal to sign the Power of Attorney

The Power of Attorney can become effective as soon as it is signed, or later when it is necessary such as when the principal is suffering from a physical or mental problem. The Power of Attorney automatically comes ineffective when the principal dies.


Notarizing the Power of Attorney

The purpose of Mobile Notary Las Vegas when it comes to notarizing the Power of Attorney is to provide acknowledgment as a part of the Power of Attorney. This acknowledgment requires three things.

  • The principal declares the signature is their own signature and it was done willingly
  • The principal appears in person before the notary
  • The principal makes clear instructions on when the Power of Attorney should take place


 Nevada Power of Attorney Finance Laws

A Power of Attorney in the state of Nevada must be signed by the principal or at least in the principal’s presence. The signature must also happen before a notary public, such as Mobile Notary Las Vegas, or another individual authorized to take acknowledgments.

In Nevada, the Power of Attorney is effective when executed unless specified to a future date by the principal. The Power of Attorney must specify any other changes that are not automatically authorized for the state of Nevada.

Nevada Power of Attorney Healthcare Laws

In Nevada, it is up to your healthcare agent to make any healthcare decisions before or after a disabled principal’s death. The health care agent has the power to consent or withdraw consent for any case except for abortion, psychosurgery, and commitment to a mental health facility.

The principal must sign the Power of Attorney, notarized, and completed by using the statuary form.

It is possible to notarize a Power of Attorney in Nevada if the principal is from another state, if the principal abides by the state of Nevada’s laws regarding the notarization process.

To terminate the Power of Attorney in Nevada, the principal must either be deceased, or they must revoke the power of attorney or the agent under the power of attorney. It is also possible for a former spouse to revoke the Power of Attorney in the event of a divorce unless the power of attorney states otherwise. Power of attorney documents also may have a termination date which means that it will automatically terminate once it hits a certain date.

Since it is required to have this legal document notarized in the state of Nevada, one must go to a public notary to acknowledge that everything is authentic.

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