Mobile Notary Las Vegas, Why it’s Great to Be One & Use One

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Mobile Notary Las Vegas, Why it’s Great to Be One & Use One


Picking up a side job when things are tight can be a necessity — from pet sitting, joining ride-share programs to countless other things. However, it is often overlooked that notarizing documents in Las Vegas can be an excellent job for those who want something better than merely driving.

Here, we look at a Mobile notary Las Vegas, why it’s great to be one & use one.

What Mobile Notary Las Vegas Does

A mobile notary acts as a public official that becomes commissioned by the local state government. They serve as witnesses for several acts to help prevent fraud. Actions carried out can be verifying a signer’s signature and making sure they are an active participant in the signing action.

Every state may have different guidelines of what they can and cannot do, as well as the notary training and examinations they need to take.

It is after this; they can undertake various notary acts like the signature verification as well as swearing documents are authentic.

Why Become a Las Vegas Mobile Notary?

Once certified, you can carry out these services from home or an office. Going mobile delivers so many more opportunities than you would have if you were stationary. While you need to travel at all hours, it is possible to be reimbursed for your traveling expenses.

Here are some tips from pro Las Vegas mobile notary workers.

  • Be sure to charge your travel fees separate to the notarial fee – you can claim travel against expenses
  • Be sure the client understands your travel fees before you leave for the appointment
  • Be sure you have a transparent policy for when you can’t conduct the notarization – the client doesn’t have sufficient ID or documents are not complete, etc.

Once you begin this, you can set your schedule. You can work the hours you wish, as long as you are prepared to do all it takes to meet your customer’s needs.

It can be seen as a side hustle, to begin with, yet once you gain a reputation, you can end up offering more services and turn this into a replacement for your 9-5 job. However, you do need the dedication to do this, and for most, this is too much.

Finding a Dedicated Mobile Notary Las Vegas

As we have seen, many individuals can take on this role as a side hustle. However, to offer a full range of services may be beyond their capacity, and you may find most are just able to provide signatory services. To save hours trawling through the many, you can contact Mobile Notary Las Vegas, who is one of the rare ones who make this their passion and do offer every service you can require.