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In PostalAnnex located in Las Vegas, we offer you the reliable and credible services of a Notary Public commissioned and licensed under the state’s federal laws. We deal with a variety of works from real estate dealings to contracts, and from loan credentials to affidavits, our notaries are prepared to efficiently finish your document.

Among the many Las Vegas notaries public, many have considered taking the great step to become certified by the National Notary Association to operate as a Notary Signing Agent (NSA). Furthermore, NSA’s have also made another move to take extra coursework in relation to loan signing and are trained in notarizing relevant documents such as real estate dealings of trust, warranty deals, mortgage notes, affidavits, certification stating trust and escrow information.

From our various stores dispersed throughout the city which provides the finest of Las Vegas mobile notary services, you do not need to take a stop in our stores as we can travel off-site to notarize documents at your own place – home, hospital, convalescent house, and business center.

As a notary public, we are given the permission by the National Notary Association to serve the public based on the appointments made by the state government to oversee the signing of the significant documents and administer oaths. Among the countless documents that exist, we are tasked to evaluate the identity of the signer to determine their knowledge and willingness on making it in the signing process. With the help of this process, your documents can be free of flawed executions.

To be able for the notary to verify the signer’s identity, we will ask a signer for a supporting document copy such as a license to drive or an identification tag issued by the government which includes the signer’s picture, signature and more pieces of information. However, our service does not include assistance or filing of documents as it would be a violation of the law. We are only allowed to follow the flow of signing process keeping our position as an impartial witness to the signing.

Keep in mind that in case we found doubtful bits of information on the potential signer’s identity, eagerness, or view of what is happening at the signing process, we may refuse to perform a notarization especially when s/he is driven by financial interests. As they may vary, state laws may allow or prohibit notaries in certifying a document copy particularly those types which are considered as vital like certification of birth and marriage. In this scenario, the requestor should refer to the local institution assigned to work on these types of documents, such as the local county clerk. However, there are few instances that a notary may certify a copy but it is advisable for you to check with your state’s notary.