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Can a Las Vegas Mobile Notary Sign for a Family Member?


When it comes to areas of life we deem mundane, there is nothing more convenient as having a qualified and capable family member. Tasks such as notarization of documents can surely fall into this class.

Better yet, you may get a good discount, so it’s hard to complain. However, convenience and the discount itself is not necessarily the deciding factor regarding the possibility of using a family member’s notary status to assist you.

It is a shaded and sometimes sensitive matter, leaving some gray areas to be considered before actually signing the dotted line. Read on to find out, “Can a Las Vegas mobile notary sign for a family member?”

Should a Notary Public Notarize family Members

The answer to this is, unfortunately, a resounding no. Here’s why a Las Vegas mobile notary shouldn’t take work from a family member.

If notaries validate documents for members of their family, there will be the possibility they stand to benefit financially at some stage. A conflict of interest quickly arises and can result in unethical validated signatures, where another notary should be present.

As an example, if they notarize a property deed for parents, there is most likely a financial interest by default. Wills and estate notarization will be the same. The process of notarizing a family member is frowned upon, and unethical.

Is it legal for a Las Vegas Notary Public to Notarize Family Members?

There is even more of a gray area when you delve into the legality of a notary doing this. Like a good deal of laws, these can vary from state to state.

Even though any member of the family will try to help others, there can be cases where a Las Vegas mobile notary declines to do so, also if it is legal for them to accomplish this task.

If there are more family members involved, there is no saying what can happen at a later stage. Like you saw with a will. It could be a cause for contention if there appears to be any wrongdoing.

Even if legal, a notary’s reputation will be cast under a shadow, and this isn’t something any will wish to happen to them.

Finding a Good Mobile Notary Las Vegas

If you have a family member who can offer this service, and you prefer not to ask for any rejection or family complications, you are better searching elsewhere. To save time, and to find one who can come to you at any time of the day, you can contact Mobile Notary Las Vegas. Offering ethical and legal services, you have no reason ever to doubt them, or yourself for making this decision.