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Are you in need of an Apostille Las Vegas? Through our company, rush Las Vegas Apostille services are made available. This includes birth certificates, marriage certificates, death certificates, divorce decree, documents regarding power of attorney, and so much more!

In addition, our services are the one that will save you some money and time when you process a document since we coordinate to Nevada’s state secretary directly- not to mention that we also cater to people from all cities and counties that are covered by Nevada.

Since most of the people are not really aware of the process, it is good and probably an edge to know how it is done or what are the things that you should expect to happen. Nevada’s state secretary with either assign a certification or an Apostille to the documents that you need, depending on the location where the document is needed. To put your distress at ease, here is the list of the member countries of the Hague Apostille.

When processing your documents or paper works with us, there are two essential steps that you should take note of. Check it out below:

First: Verify your query by calling us beforehand. This is an important thing to do before you start mailing your papers to our workplace. By calling us, we will entertain you and see if the documents that you have, meet the requirements for having an Apostille. You can either call us from 8 am – 9 pm during Monday to Saturday or simply direct it to our website.

Second: Mailing-in your papers. This one is pretty simple as well. You simply need to send us your certified or the original copy of the document. Just to let you know, it would take 1 to 2 business days before your documents can be processed here in Nevada. Also, take note that there will be an allotted time for the shipping of the documents which can cause a slight delay in your documents. We highly recommend that you mail your papers through UPS, FedEx, or Express/Priority Mail. Furthermore, we would like to remind you to ask for your tracking number to ensure your documents.

To make our service more convenient to you, we will cover shipping fees for return shipping through UPS/FedEx Next Day package. It can be sent to any place in the US. Don’t worry if your documents need to reach another country! We also do international shipping and send it to any place around the world as you request, but rates for international shipping may vary from country to country. Feel free to contact us to get some quote with regards to the prices of international shipping.


When it comes to paying, we also offer you the most efficient ways- be it in cash, bank checks, money orders, PayPal, Western Union, credit cards, Money Gram, e-checks, and even wire-transfer! To make sure that there will be no setbacks or delays in payment and processing, kindly call us so that we can discuss the best means of payment.


Processing your papers are never complicated nor should it be filled with distress. Let professionals who have a real passion, dedication, and expertise within the field handle your Apostille request. Never be rejected when processing your request and get in touch with us now for a convenient, effective, fast, and smooth Apostille service.