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Are you having your much-anticipated wedding coming? You went to the right place! Here, we help people as they prepare for the big day that they are looking forward to. What we promise is not just a normal wedding or some crammed event- we let you get your dream wedding come true. Even if it is your first exchange of vows or a vow renewal, we are always fervent with our work and assures you that even the tiniest detail will be addressed properly and executed perfectly like how you pictured it in your big day.

As a wedding officiant Las Vegas, we are proudly officiating any recognized kind of relationships that exist- be it multi-denominational, non-denominational, religious, inter-denominational, and as well as a civil wedding ceremonythat is designated for same-sex couples or heterosexuals. Thus, we will provide a wedding ceremony that is as unique as your intimate relationship with your partner.

To ensure that your ceremony will be well-polished, we personally visit the couple so that we will get every essential point that we will need. From this, we will conduct a pre-marriage consultation where we will get a closer look at the detailed history and be able to know your history.

However, some people are just too busy to have a spare for consultations like this. And to make your life easier, we can have it through the phone or an online chat. Just so you know or you can prepare, here are some of the things that we will ask:

  • The date and place where the two of you met
  • How the two of you met
  • Things you favor to do just for fun
  • If you have a child/children
  • If you have any pet
  • What your hobbies are
  • Quick talk regarding your family

Having this information, we will be able to get a hold of your relationship and right after that, we will be able to pursue the ceremony that perfectly fits the two of you. Take a couple that has children as an example. If this is the case, we will pull every string so that your child will be addressed properly and included in your dream ceremony.

But if you are thinking that we will be authoritative when it comes to the decisions, throw those worries away! Here, we will have a two-way process where we will be openly discussing the customization of your dream wedding. You will be entitled to picking whether you would line your aisle with roses, have a relaxing ceremony on the sands, use a candle for unity, hand fasting, groove with a rock ceremony, or heighten the vow with a specialized love letter created for your partner.

While all of this sounds pretty hard to be accomplished, there is nothing left for you to worry as our professionals spent years in education as well as harnessing enough experience in planning and designing the excellent wedding ceremony that you could ever imagine.

Knowing all of this, be wise and select a Las Vegas wedding officiant that will help you with the burden in your upcoming wedding ceremony as well as throwing a memorable one that you will surely cherish for the rest of your life.